Snacks: Royal Nuts 🍁

Name: Royal Nuts

Products: Nuts, dried fruit, trail mix, chocolate almonds

Manufactured In: Concord, Ontario

Where to Buy: Company website and grocery stores


Canadian Owned: Yes

Royal Nuts is a Canadian company based in Concord, Ontario. The company has been in business for over 30 years and makes nuts that are free from gluten and peanuts. The nuts by Royal Nuts are fresh not fried and the company uses a unique roasting process for crispy perfection without the need to use oil.

Royal Nuts are dry-roasted in small batches by exposing them to heated air which enhances the flavour, scent, and crunch of nuts but adds no calories to the snack. Because of the process Royal Nuts uses, the nuts are gluten-free, which is the natural state of nuts. In addition they are certified Kosher and free of preservatives.