Snacks: Yum Yum Chips 🍁

Name: Yum Yum Chips

Products: Potato chips, veggie chips, veggie sticks, onion rings, cheese sticks

Manufactured In: Warwick, Quebec

Where to Buy: Quebec and certain parts of Ontario and the Maritimes


Canadian Owned: Yes

Yum Yum Chips is a 100% homegrown, third-generation family business based in Quebec. It has been producing and distributing potato chips and snack foods since 1959 when Paul Jalbert and his brother Louis de Gonzague acquired the company from the Bergeron family that has founded it three years earlier. Paul Jalbert’s granddaughter Valérie has been the general manager of the company since 2013.

Yum Yum Chips distributes over 200 products under under the following brand names: Yum Yum, Viva, State Line, and Champion. Flavours include uniquely Canadian ”All Dressed” developed by Yum Yum and Salt & Vinegar, which the company was the first to introduce in Canada.