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Stefanie Curtis

Pace Creative is a full-service marketing communications agency that specializes in content and digital marketing for B2B companies in North America.

Tell us about yourself?

I am the CEO of Pace Creative. Before starting Pace Creative, I founded and operated different agencies since 2006. The first two were production agencies: one for local B2B businesses and the other for Fortune 500 B2B companies in regulated industries. The marketing projects I took on in these agencies were lacking in strategy or oftentimes left on the shelves. These types of projects were demotivating.

When it was time to start a new agency, content marketing was on the rise, and I saw this as an opportunity to create an agency that would establish clients as thought leaders in their industry.

Pace Creative was founded in 2013 to support B2B client’s business growth. Our team’s expertise is in developing and documenting custom holistic marketing frameworks for our clients, incorporating data and research into every step of our work.

We are very performance-driven and get results!

If you could go back in time a year or two, what piece of advice would you give yourself?

Without thinking a second, I would hire experts, consultants and/or advisors to fill in any knowledge gaps.

I feel being surrounded by experts helps set a business up for success while also saving lots of time and money. Over the years I have mastered the art of hiring the right advisors and experts to support my vision and business growth.

What problem does your business solve?

Pace Creative solves large marketing problems!

1. Documented Strategy

Most clients have not taken the time to document their strategy. Often time the vision, goals, and critical business information is held by the CEO. 

As we start working with any new clients, we put together a custom marketing framework that supports business owners or CEOs business growth goals. We help owners, founders, CEOs and VCs stay focused on specific marketing priorities and goals while diligently tracking progress. 

By developing content marketing strategies to align branding, communication, and marketing efforts into a cohesive and unified strategy, we get B2B businesses to meet their revenue goals and stand out from the competitors (both small and large).  

2. Marketing Expertise Gaps

As a full-service agency, we have expertise in marketing and communications. As we have been in business for so long and love operation excellence, we have extensive experience putting marketing processes in place to support the implementation of our strategies – no matter the size of the company we work for. 

Our agency fills in marketing expertise where it’s lacking and optimizes existing marketing channels before adding new ones – as needed. 

For example, when working with any clients on a website project, our team focuses on developing an optimized online presence and for the website to rank organically (on the first page of a Google search) as soon as it launches. That way our clients start receiving organic leads as soon as possible. From there, we will activate new marketing channels that we feel will add the most value. 

Another area of expertise is creating added value content that is technical to attract qualified leads and make the business stand out as a leader in their industry. Oftentimes, clients would hire our team to create the concept and content strategy for an eBook, eGuide, infographic, virtual reality applications and/or a blog post.

Events and tradeshows attendance are big for B2B companies. Our team is particularly good at developing and designing events and tradeshow strategies that are memorable. At events and tradeshows, we get the marketing and sales team to work together. We turn B2B companies into rock stars that attendees want to come see and engage with. 

What is the inspiration behind your business?

Pace Creative was inspired by my desire to contribute to my client’s business growth. I typically work in close collaboration with the executive teams (ie. CEOs, COOs, CROs/CFOs). I get to understand the CEO’s vision and help make that vision a reality by staying on track to achieve specific business goals through marketing initiatives.

My main goal is to advise a client, so I can make the biggest impact on their business while also optimizing their budget and resources to get things done right the first time around.

What is your magic sauce?

We care about our client’s success. When we start working on a new relationship we do our due diligence by focusing on data and research to craft our client’s strategy documents.   

Every time we onboard a client’s new project, we customize a unique strategic framework to ensure the successful execution of each marketing initiative. By believing in data, research, and logic when making recommendations, we ensure that we are always following best practices and designing the most efficient strategies for each client and project. 

Other benefits we provide as a full-service agency include: 

  • Making companies come to life with efficient marketing leadership 
  • Maximum results with an optimized marketing budget 
  • Align marketing and sales strategies for a cohesive and streamlined approach 

What is the plan for the next 5 years? What do you want to achieve?

In the next five years, we want to stay focused on our niche by helping our B2B clients grow. This means companies that want to build a marketing legacy and invest in initiatives that get results. 

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far?

Some of the biggest challenges we have helped companies overcome include: 

  • Allowing the CEO to act as the CEO instead of running and overseeing marketing as well 
  • Developing documented marketing strategies with a mapped customer journey and clear KPIs for marketing projects/campaigns to focus on 
  • Completing measurement and evaluation of marketing efforts on each channel
  • Helping businesses understand the real needs of customers in order to create unique, relevant, and valuable content-driven experiences 
  • Implementing and using MarTech tools to their full advantages 
  • Filling knowledge gaps to avoid wasting resources, time, and energy  

How can people get involved?

If you are a CEO of a B2B company that is looking to invest in a customized marketing framework to grow your business month after month, book an introduction call to discuss your business goals!

You can get in touch in several ways: