Supplements: Adrem Brands 🍁

Name: Adrem Brands

Products: Lissa Gelatine, Wake-Ups Caffeine Tablets

Manufactured In: Coquitlam, BC, and Winnipeg, MB

Where to Buy: Jean Coutu, Guardian, Sobeys, Safeway and more

Website: and

Canadian Owned: Yes

Adrem Brands was founded in 1951. It is a company that develops and distributes natural health products and functional foods. Adrem has been focused on quality for over 65 years when developing its products that promote alertness, enhance cognitive and motor performance, or strengthen nails.

All Adrem products are made in Canada and undergo thorough 3rd party quality control at a Health Canada and US FDA-audited laboratory. Lissa and Wake-Ups are two of Adrem’s brands. Lissa makes gelatine products to help strengthen nails. Wake-Ups are products to help you feel more alert physically and mentally. You can find out more about the brands on their respective websites.