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Tobyn Sowden

Redbrick is the parent organization to a portfolio of digital companies that grow through innovative product development, results-driven marketing, and a unique Shared Services team.

Redbrick and our operating companies (Leadpages, Shift, Rebase, Animoto, and Delivra) strive to support digital entrepreneurs, founders, small business owners, and innovators who rely on our technology to grow their businesses.

At Redbrick, we’re building a pathway for the next generation of business leaders. This means we have a responsibility to foster equitable and conscious entrepreneurship. To lead by example, we focus our efforts on the areas where we believe we can create the most positive change: tech, sustainable impact, and community. We’re proud to have been named one of Canada’s Top Small and Medium Employers four years running.

Tell us about yourself?

I’ve always been an entrepreneur with a passion for building businesses. In my early days, I started flipping garage sale finds to pay off my student loans. I graduated from the University of Victoria’s (UVic) Computer Science program, and my first real-world work experience was a placement in the UVic co-operative education program.

When I founded Redbrick in 2011 in Victoria, BC, it was a small marketing services company in a red-brick office building. As the company grew and the industry changed, so did we. Now, we build, acquire, and grow software companies that empower the digital entrepreneur. Redbrick has evolved from that small marketing team into a growing portfolio of companies that operate across North America with over 200 employees globally.

If you could go back in time a year or two, what piece of advice would you give yourself?

The advice I’d give myself is to be patient. Even in the face of uncertainty, think long-term. Business is a long-term game with long-term players, and it’s important to keep that in mind.

What problem does your business solve?

Redbrick and its portfolio companies are constantly assessing what tools digital entrepreneurs need to thrive. We built Shift, a browser that helps you manage multiple email accounts, to address an internal need, but we quickly scaled it to meet a widespread need for a better browsing experience. The companies we’ve acquired—Leadpages, Delivra, and Animoto—address our customers’ need for lead generation, marketing automation, and video creation. All of these services are essential for entrepreneurs, regardless of whether they’re budding founders or seasoned business owners.

What is the inspiration behind your business?

Initially, Redbrick started as a proprietary marketing platform for software publishing companies. We wanted to help software entrepreneurs acquire new users and customers for their apps. However, we quickly realized that we could have a far greater impact by providing tools for digital entrepreneurs to start, build, and grow their companies. Now, we use our own experience as entrepreneurs to build and acquire software that helps digital entrepreneurs thrive.

What is your magic sauce?

Redbrick and its portfolio companies share the same People & Culture, finance, and creative teams. We call this framework our “Shared Services,” it streamlines resource management and alleviates the biggest pressures from the shoulders of growing businesses. This unique team model allows us to build solutions in-house and provide continual support, resources, and strategic expertise to our portfolio companies.

With a tight-knit group of passionate innovators and leaders at the helm, we invest in long-term growth, expand product innovation, and provide companies with the support they need to scale comfortably.

What is the plan for the next 5 years? What do you want to achieve?

Redbrick recently hit two significant milestones: exceeding 200 team members and surpassing $100 million in annual revenue. Over the next five years, we want to double our portfolio to 10 companies. We’d also like to scale the company to 500 employees and achieve $250 million in annual revenue, with the goal of helping millions of entrepreneurs around the world.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far?

To date, the biggest challenge we’ve faced is the ability to think long-term while being inundated with short-term challenges. This delicate juggling act requires constant attention and strategic thinking as we strive to find the right balance between immediate priorities and long-term vision.

How can people get involved?

Are you a Redbricker? We want you on our team! Redbrick offers a wide range of culture initiatives and benefits, including flexible working, a health and wellness fund, a home office budget, and so much more. For more information and to see openings across all Redbrick companies, visit

We’re also always looking for our next acquisition. At Redbrick, we look for three key ingredients:

  • Tech for entrepreneurs – We’re invested in solutions and technology that help digital entrepreneurs thrive.
  • Healthy, stable business – You’ve built a great foundation with steady customers and sustainable profit, but now you’re ready for the next chapter.
  • Vision for the future – Your business has big ambitions, but you need strategic guidance or operational support to take it to the next level.

If you think you have the perfect candidate, reach out to us at

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