Tools: Impact Poly Hammers 🍁

Name: Impact Poly Hammers

Products: Dead blow mallets including sledgehammers

Manufactured In: Lethbridge, Alberta

Where to Buy: Various dealers, including online


Canadian Owned: Yes

Impact Poly Hammers is a Canadian company founded by Troy Erler in Calgary, Alberta in 1997. Troy, who is a talented machinist, was making complex steel molds at a polyurethane plant and got annoyed by the poor quality of the dead blow hammers available. For 25 years, Troy worked to create the extensive line of products the company has today.

As Troy was getting ready to retire, he met Lean Machine Metal Fabrication Inc., another Canadian company that shared his drive a spirit. In 2023, he sold Impact Poly Hammers to Lean Machine who continues to produce the hammers and is looking to add new products to the selection.