Toys: Toy Maker of Lunenburg 🍁

Name: Toy Maker of Lunenburg

Products: Handmade wooden children’s toys, adult brain teasers, and outdoor play equipment

Manufactured In: Nova Scotia

Where to Buy: Online and from various retailers. List of retailers available here.


Canadian Owned: Yes

The Toy Maker of Lunenburg was started by Kevin Vickers in 1979. It was owned by him until 2015 when it was bought by Ray Syvitski and Elke Uribe who now design and develop all the toys and games. Today, the company is one of the oldest companies making high-quality, handmade wooden toys in Canada.

The products by the Toy Maker of Lunenburg include something for all ages, running from building blocks for kids to board games and brain teasers for adults. The toys and games are still made with wood because wood gives them a timeless quality. Another key concept, in addition to longevity, is making toys and games that engage children’s imagination and curiosity whilst encouraging thinking and problem-solving.