Women’s Clothing: ecolove 🍁

Name: ecolove

Products: Women’s clothing

Manufactured In: St. Catharines, Ontario

Where to buy: Online

Website: ecolove.shop

Canadian Owned: Yes

The founder of ecolove is, in her own words, a mom and wife with high functioning anxiety and a design degree. This combination drives her to obsessively search for the best solutions and find the best clothes for her customers.

Before she started ecolove, she worked for companies that put profits before anything else and she nearly changed careers. However, before she could change careers she found Neon Buddha, a company rooted in ethical production in Thailand.

After working with Neon Buddha for five years, the founder of ecolove found herself at crossroads again, which led to her starting ecolove in 2017. Through her own company, she continues to produce eco-friendly garments and change the world one garment at a time.