Womenswear: Amanda Moss 🍁

Name: Amanda Moss

Products: Women’s shirts, dresses, pants, turtlenecks, and blazers

Manufactured In: Montreal, QC and Toronto, ON

Where to buy: Online

Website: amandamoss.ca

Canadian Owned: Yes

Amanda Moss was born and raised in Newfoundland but moved to Montreal in 1998 to study and pursue a career in Fashion Design. After her studies, she worked for a few fast fashion brands which led her to become disenchanted with the fashion industry. However, a break from the industry renewed her passion for fashion and she decided to create her own line of products that would last beyond seasons.

Amanda launched her first collection in 2013. The designs focus on silhouette and construction which evoke a strong sense of timeless femininity. In 2018, Amanda relocated the design studio to Toronto while all the garments are produced in small workshops in Toronto and Montreal.