Yoga Gear: Halfmoon 🍁

Name: Halfmoon

Products: Yoga mats, props, and bolsters, as well as meditation cushions and accessories.

Manufactured In: Vancouver, British Columbia


Where to Buy: Various yoga shops around Canada, the US, Europe, and Asia

Canadian Owned: Yes

Halfmoon makes yoga gear and meditation accessories just outside Vancouver. The founder, Beth McTavish, was inspired by the yogis in India. Their intense meditative focus led her to practice yoga. She began making her own props to help with her practice and founded Halfmoon with her experience. Over the last 30 years, Halfmoon has made beautiful, effective yoga and meditative equipment for Canada and beyond.

Though Halfmoon started in Canada, it has expanded to the US, Europe, and Asia. Each piece is crafted in Vancouver with ‘traditional yogic values’ in mind, including compassion, community, and kindness.

Halfmoon carries a variety of goods, including yoga bolsters, blocks, mats, and bands. Meditation products include cushions and mats filled with Canadian buckwheat hulls. Other wellness products include blankets, eye pillows, sleep products, massage balls, heated shawls, and more. There’s even a line for children just getting started with yoga and meditation.