Personal Care: Belvedere International

Name: Belvedere International Inc.

Products: Shampoo, conditioner, hand sanitizer

Manufactured In: Mississauga, Ontario

Where to Buy: Walmart, various drug stores


Canadian Owned: No

Belvedere International, now owned by Hain Celestial of the US, has a variety of national brands made in Canada:

  • Live Clean
  • Fuzion2in1 Style
  • Down Under Natural’s
  • One Step Hand Sanitizer
  • Just Bee Natural
  • Nature’s Basics
  • European Formula
  • 24|7 Essentials

2 Replies to “Personal Care: Belvedere International”

  1. Good Morning Belvedere International Inc.,

    I hope you, your families, colleagues and friends are safe & healthy.!!!

    I have purchased recently four – 34 oz. bottles, (NDC 49035-448-48) from Walmart Stores and one Walmart online purchase of the 60 oz. bottle (NDC 49035-448-51) of Equate Hand Sanitizers.

    The odor of each is unbearable and makes me extremely nauseous to point of vomiting. I’m 60+ with several chronic illnesses and diseases and I really need to use hand sanitizers daily.

    I hate to return them BUT IS THERE SOMETHING THAT MAY BE ADDED TO ELIMATE THIS ODOR? If no, I will have no other choice but to return these bottles.

    Reviews of this products odors is rated from 1 to barely a 3.

    Please take the time to respond to this message…I appreciate it.


  2. I’d like to buy some hand sanitizer that used to be sold at the Vernon Great Canadian Wholesale Club. It was in a large bottle and was green. It had aloe vera in it. Is is possible to place an order for three bottles of it? I’d like to buy more because it seems to be in short supply and it is good.

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