Personal Care: Michel Germain 🍁

Name: Michel Germain

Products: Perfume, cologne, skincare products, and underwear

Manufactured In: Canada


Where to Buy: Online and in Macy’s and Hudson Bay locations in Canada and the US

Canadian Owned: Yes

Michel Germain is a native Canadian perfumer who uses natural oils to create alluring fragrances. His fragrances have won awards and found international success. He uses traditional French perfumery techniques to create universally appealing fragrances, even if the very first line was made exclusively for his wife.

Today, Michel Germain makes perfumes (most notably, the many fragrances that make up his ‘Sexual’ line, all stemming from the first fragrance), colognes, and skincare. He has a trademark Michel line that departs from the ‘Sexual’ line, as well as all-natural skincare and even underwear for men.

Despite having a strong vision for his perfume lines, Michel has a little something for everyone. Outside of the standard lines mentioned above, he regularly ventures into uncharted territory, using his natural oils to create exciting, beautiful scents for men and women. Each perfume is created and developed in Canada and made with local ingredients where it’s possible.