Accessories: Ambler 🍁

Name: Ambler

Products: Hats, t-shirts, toques and wool slippers

Manufactured In: Canada and Nepal


Where to Buy: Online and at selected retailers

Canadian Owned: Yes

Ambler is a family-owned company who have made their hats in the same factory in British Columbia for fifteen years. Their t-shirts, made from organic cotton and recycled polyester, are made at their factory in Ontario. The same Fair Trade-certified company has made the toques and wool slippers for Ambler in Nepal since 2003.

Ambler is committed to producing ethical and sustainable products that come with a lifetime guarantee. The company is currently owned by a husband and wife team. They purchased it from the founder Peter Ambler who started the company in 1993. Like Peter, the current owners believe that small businesses can make a difference in local communities.