Trailers: Miska Trailers 🍁

Name: Miska Trailers

Products: Various types of trailers in steel and aluminum

Manufactured In: Hamilton, Ontario

Where to Buy: Company website


Canadian Owned: It appears so

MISKA TRAILER FACTORY™ is a company based in Hamilton, Ontario, that has been manufacturing utility trailers since 1994. Since its early days, Miska has grown to become a recognised leader within the utility trailer industry. The company is committed to manufacturing high-quality utility trailers at a cost-effective price using innovative designs.

Miska Trailers does not use dealers, which means you buy directly from the factory. This means you get factory direct prices on the trailers. The company also keeps production costs down by purchasing in bulk at the lowest possible prices. Visit the company website to browse the full product line of Miska Trailers.