Accessories: Momentum Watches 🍁

Name: Momentum Watches

Products: Non-nonsense, long-lasting watches

Manufactured In: Vancouver, British Columbia


Where to Buy: Online and at jewelry stores, outdoor supply, and aquatic supply companies across Canada and the US

Canadian Owned: Yes

Momentum Watches seeks to create simple gear that works. Their watches, created by watchmakers in their Vancouver Factory Outlet, feature casual, timeless designs. They are built for style, quality, and functionality rather than following trends. Over 40 years of experience following this creed has made Momentum a global brand with a great reputation.

Momentum also produces all of its watches sustainably. All of their watches are built to last for over a decade, even the ones rated for diving and used in water. Some watches are made with batteries that can last up to ten years before needing to be replaced, and they are working on solar-powered watches for your outdoor adventures.

Even the packaging is sustainable. Their gift boxes and the ‘cushion’ inside can be recycled with your standard paper recycling. These watches look great and offer options for all types of outdoor activities, including skiing, paddling, wakeboarding, hiking, and diving.