Accessories: SKRP 🍁

Name:  SKRP

Products: Sunglasses, wallets, watches (and other things) made from recycled snowboards and skateboards

Manufactured In: Ottawa, Ontario

Where to buy: Company website


Canadian Owned: Yes

SKRP recycles skateboards, snowboards, and billboards from across Canada and the US and turns them into sunglasses, watches, chessboards, cutting boards, coasters, and various other things. It is quite impressive.

The company’s founder got the idea for SKRP when during a trip to Nova Scotia, he and his wife saw rings made of old skateboard decks. Sustainability is at the heart of the company and SKRP wants to help to protect our environment by keeping broken skateboards, snowboards, and the like out of landfills. SKRP has partnered with skateboard shops, ski rsorts, Canadian Outdoor Advertising companies, and distribution and manufacturing companies in Canada and the US to receive discarded boards.