Accessories: Truth Belts 🍁

Name: Truth Belts

Products: Vegan, eco-conscious belts, wallets, suspenders and yogabands

Manufactured In: Canada


Where to Buy: Online

Canadian Owned: Yes

Renia Pruchnicki started Truth Belts in 2001 with a mission to create high-quality vegan pieces. She wanted to create fashion that was ethical, stylish and helped the environment. To realize this goal, she uses only vegan leather and plants a tree for each belt purchased. By working closely with environmental organizations, Renia hopes to provide great fashion while offsetting any environmental costs associated with the fashion world.

Every Truth product is made with vegan materials, meaning they are animal friendly. There are a variety of stylish belts available for men, women and children but Truth has grown beyond belts. Now, they also sell yoga bands, wrist cuffs, and t-shirts supporting the cause. For men, Truth makes wallets, suspenders, and belts made from completely a variety of materials including recycled materials.

The focus on sustainability allows Truth Belts to produce great products that don’t harm the environment, all while raising awareness. The multiple styles and options available through the website allow you to take control of your fashion – through the look of your products and how they are made.