Activewear: Inner Fire 🍁

Name: Inner Fire Activewear

Products: Environmentally conscious leggings made from recycled materials

Manufactured In: Canada


Where to Buy: Online

Canadian Owned: Yes

Inner Fire creates eco-conscious leggings made from recycled materials. Each pair of leggings is beautiful and comfortable, but it is also made from 100% recycled water bottles. Even though they are essentially made from recycled plastic, these leggings are soft and move easily with you as you work out, hike, or do your favourite yoga poses. All leggings are made in Canada and coated with a sustainable hypoallergenic coating to help you feel more comfortable.

There are a variety of different colours and patterns, including unique, beautiful pieces with unique patterns. However, Inner Fire doesn’t stop at leggings. Recently, they’ve added sports bras, shorts, dresses, rompers, and joggers to their roster, as well as swimwear, tanks, and masks. Despite the expanding product line, this company is still using the same sustainable model to produce high-quality activewear with recycled materials.