Appliances: Danby 🍁

Name: Danby

Products: Appliances

Manufactured In: Mostly overseas, but their Renoir line of wine fridges is made in Canada

Where to buy: Danby’s online store and a wide range of retailers across Canada


Canadian Owned: Yes

Danby has been around since 1947 years. From the start, the company had a simple vision: to create innovative appliances that have the same features as bigger products but fit in smaller spaces. While the company headquarter is in Guelph, Ontario, many of their products are not made in Canada.

Danby is one of the leading speciality and refrigeration companies in North America. They follow the three principles of smart price, smart design, and smart craftsmanship when creating their products. As well as purchasing brand new appliances from Danby, you can also buy refurbished products and parts. Danby also has three outlet stores: Guelph, Ontario and Calgary, Alberta in Canada and Findlay, Ohio in the United States.