Miscellaneous: MacAusland’s Woolen Mills 🍁

Name: MacAusland’s Woolen Mills

Products: Wool blankets and yarn

Manufactured In: Bloomfield, PEI

Where to Buy: From the mill itself (shipping available) or through one of its retailers

Website: macauslandswoollenmills.com

Canadian Owned: Yes

MacAusland’s Woolen Mills is one of the Island’s oldest businesses, having started as a saw and grist mill in 1870, before converting to yarn production in 1902. It remains family owned by the 4th generation of MacAuslands.

Personal Care: Organic Body Shop Factory 🍁

Name: Organic Body Shop Factory

Products: Organic bath and body products

Manufactured In: Barrie, Ontario

Where to Buy: Online or their shop in Barrie

Website: www.organicbodyshop.ca

Canadian Owned: Yes

Organic Body Shop Factory is run by 4 female staff growing herbs and plants on a 5 acre farm in Barrie. From there, they extract essential oils and use those oils to create over 400 bath and beauty products, made to order.

Liquor: Walter Craft Caesar Mix 🍁

Name: Walter Craft Caesar

Products: Caesar mix

Manufactured In: Vancouver, BC

Where to Buy: Online, grocers, bars & restaurants

Website: waltercaesar.com

Canadian Owned: Yes

So, Walter Craft Caesar Mix is not in itself alcohol, but is intended to be mixed with alcohol to make Canada’s alleged favourite cocktail, so close enough. Walter was launched as an alternative to the US-made mix which contains a bunch of sugar, MSG, and general unpleasantness.

Walter is made using vine-ripened tomatoes, grated horseradish, Worchestershire and hot sauce, select spices, and real clam juice sourced sustainably. In fact, Walter is proud to be Canada’s first Ocean Wise recommended Caesar Mix.

They even have a vegan mix!

Accessories: LOWELL 🍁


Products: Leather bags and accessories

Manufactured In: Montreal, Quebec

Where to Buy: Their stores, online and stockists

Website: lowellmtl.ca

Canadian Owned: Yes

LOWELL’s online store and their retail outlets appear to carry a variety of lines, not simply their own leather goods, and it’s not clear what of the other lines are made in Canada. Their leather goods are made in Montreal.

Women’s Clothing: Perlae Couture 🍁

Name: Perlae Couture

Products: Women’s clothing

Manufactured In: Sydney, Nova Scotia

Where to Buy: Online

Website: perlaecouture.com

Canadian Owned: Yes

Perlae Couture is a family-owned and operated luxury fashion label made in Nova Scotia. They are very passionate about providing fashion for all women and have sections on their website dedicated to cancer survivors.

Car Rental: Communauto 🍁

Name: Communauto

Products: Car sharing

Headquartered In: Montreal, Quebec

Where to Buy: Montreal, Quebec City, Gatineau and Sherbrooke, Quebec; Toronto, Waterloo, Hamilton, London, Guelph, Kingston and Ottawa, Ontario; Edmonton, Alberta; and Halifax, Nova Scotia

Website: communauto.com

Canadian Owned: Yes

The only Canadian-owned alternative to US-based Zipcar or Maven.
The service is also available in Toronto as Communauto Flex, with a different website: https://toronto.communauto.com

Kitchen: Bow Valley Straws 🍁

Name: Bow Valley Straws

Products: Resuable borosilicate glass drinking straws & handmade upcycled straw cases

Manufactured In: Canmore, Alberta

Where to Buy: Online and some shops in western Canada

Website: bowvalleystraws.ca

Canadian Owned: Yes

Bow Valley Straws creates unique reusable drinking straws from kiln annealed borosilicate glass. As we all know, the world’s oceans and landfills are overflowing with plastic, and single-use plastic straws are a  culprit. Some restaurants have started using paper straws (which just aren’t the same) while the typical reusable option is metal, and you can’t see inside it to see if it’s clean or not.

Enter borosilicate glass straws, which are shatter-resistant, see-through and beautiful little pieces of art.

B2B: Syfilco Ltd. 🍁

Name: Syfilco Ltd.

Products: Drainage Filter, Bale Net Wrap, Trellis Netting, Bird Netting

Manufactured In: Exeter, Ontario

Where to Buy: Contact them online for your local dealer

Website: syfilco.on.ca

Canadian Owned: Yes

Syfilco Ltd. is a Canadian owned and operated business that has manufactured industrial knitted fabrics and netting products for over 40 years. Their ability to customize designs of knitted products and adapt to current technologies has allowed them to diversify into a variety of textile markets all over the world.

Children’s Clothing: Little & Lively 🍁

Name: Little & Lively

Products: Children’s clothing

Manufactured In: Abbotsford, BC

Where to Buy: Online and their store in Abbotsford

Website: littleandlively.com

Canadian Owned: Yes

Family owned and operated. Designed and made in Abbotsford. Focus is on high quality, ethically made children’s clothing, with mostly bamboo and cotton.

B2B/Cleaning: Safeblend 🍁

Name: Safeblend

Products: Cleaning product assortment includes floor care, cleaners and degreasers, disinfectants and sanitizers, bathroom cleaners, odour control, window cleaners, carpet care, hand soaps, laundry detergents and a complete line for foodservice.

Manufactured In: Anjou, Quebec

Where to Buy: Costco, distributors?

Website: safeblend.com

Canadian Owned: Yes?

Safeblend is produced by Chemotec PM Inc., a Quebec-based company manufacturing advanced cleaning solutions that are safe for people and for our planet. They have been around since 1955, primarily targeting commercial and foodservice customers.