B2B: Luscan Group 🍁

Name: Luscan Group

Products: B2B wholesale custom manufacturing

Manufactured In: Various locations – BC, QC, ON

Where to Buy: Luscan Group

Website: luscangroup.com

Canadian Owned: Yes

Yes! Made in Canada B2B custom manufacturing of various articles for promotional or retail purposes. Textiles (shirts, pants, hoodies, bags, aprons etc), custom molded plastic items, wood articles. Their website has a made in Canada filter so you can see exactly what is made here.

Furniture: Son of a Woodcutter 🍁

Name: Son of a Woodcutter

Products: Furniture

Manufactured In: Toronto, ON

Where to Buy: Online at sonofawoodcutter.ca as well as at the West Elm locations in Toronto

Website: sonofawoodcutter.ca

Canadian Owned: Yes

Son of a Woodcutter builds live edge and straight edge wood furniture by hand, right in the heart of Toronto. They also offer custom furniture design, built with Ontario wood. They specialize in creating dining tables, boardroom tables and coffee tables.

Personal Care/Beards: ManSoap Company 🍁

Name: ManSoap Company

Products: All natural soaps, and men’s grooming products.

Manufactured In: Gatineau, Quebec

Where to Buy: Online and retailers.

Website: mansoap.co

Canadian Owned: Yes

Though their name is ManSoap, the company makes products for everyone. All-natural soaps without the chemical ingredients that most mainstream soaps contain. In addition, they have a variety of beard care products if you happen to be sporting a lockdown beard at the moment.

Coffee: Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters 🍁

Name: Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters

Products: Coffee

Manufactured In: Calgary, AB

Where to Buy: Calgary area cafes, and online

Website: Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters

Canadian Owned: Yes

Founded in 2007, Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters has grown into a coffee roasting company of significant renown. From a location at the Calgary Farmers Market, they now have 6 cafes in the Calgary area.

Their coffee beans are sourced from around the world (given that Canada is not exactly known as a fertile place to grow coffee beans) and roasted in Calgary.

Note: The above link is an affiliate link.

Accessories: Loch Effects 🍁

Name: Loch Effects

Products: Glasses/Sunglasses

Manufactured In: Campbellford, ON

Where to Buy: Online

Website:  locheffects.com

Canadian Owned: Yes

Not unlike one of our favourite listings, Riverwood Acoustics, Loch Effects uses ancient wood (recovered from the bottom of the Great Lakes) and crafts sunglasses and eyeglasses. The lenses are sourced from Japan.

You can try three pairs at no cost for three days in your home, with free shipping both ways. Loch also offers a Lifetime Care guarantee, meaning you can ship your glasses back for cleaning and buffing to keep them looking top-notch.

Given that 75% of the world’s glasses are made by one company, outside of Canada, Loch Effects looks like a fantastic alternative.

Bicycles: Norco 🍁

Name: Norco Bicycles

Products: Bicycles

Manufactured In: Not Canada

Where to Buy: Dealers

Website: norco.com

Canadian Owned: Yes

There are few, if any, major manufacturers making bicycles in Canada. So we’ve added Norco to the list because they are Canadian-owned, headquartered in Coquitlam, BC, where all design and engineering takes place. The bicycles are likely manufactured in Taiwan, China or Vietnam and then shipped for final assembly by local dealers.

Footwear: Plainsbreaker Apparel 🍁

 Name: Plainsbreaker Apparel

Products: Socks

Manufactured In: Calgary, Alberta

Where to Buy: Online and retail store in downtown Calgary

Website: plainsbreakerapparel.com

Canadian Owned: Yes

Three entrepreneurs started making socks overseas in 2017, then purchased knitting machines in 2019 and opened up a manufacturing facility in Calgary. Since then they’ve been making socks in a variety of colourful and creative styles. Their plans are to increase production by adding more machines and staff so support them in these efforts!

They are also producing masks as of May 2020.

Personal Care: SKINFUEL Skincare 🍁

Name: SKINFUEL Skincare

Products: Hand Sanitizer

Manufactured In: Halifax, Nova Scotia

Where to Buy: Online and some retailers (can’t seem to find a list)

Website: www.skinfuel.ca

Canadian Owned: Yes

SKINFUEL is producing hand sanitizer in 75% and 80% alcohol formulations, in quantities from 60ml bottles up to 20 litre pails. They also do custom branding and corporate/wholesale orders. Currently they offer free delivery in the HRM area for purchases of $50 or more.

Food: Floating Leaf Fine Foods 🍁

Name: Floating Leaf Fine Foods

Products: Rice blends

Manufactured In: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Where to Buy: eatwildrice.ca/where-to-buy/

Website: eatwildrice.ca

Canadian Owned: Yes

Floating Leaf is a family-owned business making a variety of products with wild rice. It appears that their rice is sourced from Minnesota and California, though it does grow in the northern prairie lakes. You can find their products online through Amazon as well as grocery stores across the country.

Men’s/Women’s Clothing: Oöm Éthikwear & Message Factory 🍁

Name: Oöm Éthikwear and Message Factory

Products: Clothing

Manufactured In: Quebec, Canada

Where to buy: Online and retailers across North America

Website: messagefactory.ca

Canadian Owned: Yes (we believe so)

Message Factory purchased Oöm Éthikwear in 2015, and between the two brands they’ve been ethically producing Made in Canada clothing for more than 15 years. 90% of their factories are located within 50 km of their shipping center, meaning that the carbon footprint is drastically cut down when compared against clothing produced overseas.

They also are part of 1% for the planet. All in all, a great way to escape the cheap, crappy fast fashion that is so common today.