Knives: Cosmo Knives 🍁

Name: Cosmo Knives

Products: Kitchen knives, bushcraft knives

Manufactured In: Salt Spring Island, BC

Where to Buy:,


Canadian Owned: Yes

If you’re looking for knives that are individual works of art, Cosmo Knives are for you. Named for Seth Cosmo Burton, the maker of the knives, these are made of the highest quality materials and manufactured by hand to the highest standards. These are not cheap, but if you want the best, check Cosmo out.

Art: Northern Images 🍁

Name: Northern Images

Products: Inuit art

Created In: Nunavut and NWT (mostly)

Where to Buy: Online & their gallery in Yellowknife, NWT


Canadian Owned: Yes

Northern Images is a retail and marketing partner to Arctic Co-operatives Limited, a service organization owned and controlled by 32 community-based, multi-purpose co-operatives in Nunavut, the Northwest Territories and Yukon, dedicated to providing services and business development opportunities to communities throughout Canada’s north.

Condiments: PEC Foods (Andy’s Original) 🍁

Name: PEC Foods Inc

Products: Andy’s Original Dressing•Sauces•Dips•Seasonings

Manufactured In: Colborne, Ontario

Where to Buy: Online and various retailers mainly in eastern Ontario


Canadian Owned: Yes

Made with 100% local Ontario honey and locally-sourced ingredients. For over 35 years this family business has been producing these dressings, sauces, dips and seasonings with no additives or preservatives.

Miscellaneous: 1-800-GOT-JUNK

Name: 1-800-GOT-JUNK

Products: Junk removal service

Headquartered In: Vancouver, BC

Where to buy: Local franchisees

Website: 1-800-GOT-JUNK?

Canadian Owned: Unclear

1-800-GOT-JUNK? was started in Vancouver, BC by American-born Brian Scudamore. Scudamore has been in Canada for many years (since at he was at least 19). The company has grown to encompass many franchisees in Canada, the US and Australia, and through parent company O2E Brands has several sister services.

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Honey: Clovermead 🍁

Name: Clovermead Honey Shop

Products: Honey

Manufactured In: Aylmer, Ontario

Where to buy: Online


Canadian Owned: Yes

Clovermead operates a seasonal adventure farm and a small apiary with approximately 24 million bees (24 million bees counts as small?) You can buy their honey online year-round from their online store.

Women’s Clothing: Femme de carriere 🍁

Name: Femme de carriere

Products: Women’s clothing

Manufactured In: Majority of their clothing is made in Canada

Where to buy: Online and stores in Quebec, Alberta and Ontario


Canadian Owned: Yes

Founded under the name Arpège by Albert and Charles Dayan in 1976, Femme de Carrière was one of the first Québec firms to specialize in the production of women’s suits. In fact, the company built its solid reputation on this item, remaining an industry leader in Québec for several years. In 1996, Sandra Angelozzi began creating her signature collections at a time when the company, changed status, going from manufacturer distributor to manufacturer retailer.

Confectionery: Felix & Norton 🍁

Name: Felix & Norton

Products: Cookies, tartelles, mmmorsels

Manufactured In: Montreal, Quebec

Where to buy: Supermarkets across Canada


Canadian Owned: Yes

Felix & Norton started in 1985 and expanded rapidly in the 90’s, with around 45 franchises cookie stores throughout Ontario and Quebec. However, the brand suffered financially and almost disappeared entirely. The original founder brought it back to life in 2008 by selling his cookies out of a mobile food truck. In 2010, ready to bake cookies hit the IGA chain and they’ve continued to grow since then.

Here at MiC headquarters, we are happy to report that the ready to bake “Love” milk chocolate cookies we stumbled across at Zehrs tonight are both tasty and labelled Product of Canada.


Condiments: Gordz Hot Sauce 🍁

Name: Gordz Hot Sauce

Products: Seed to Bottle, All Natural Hot Sauce, Hot Pepper Jellies, Hot Pickled Peppers, Hot Condiments and more

Manufactured In: Dalkeith, Ontario

Where to Buy: Website and select stores


Canadian Owned: Yes

Gordz Hot Sauce purports to be Canada’s #1 “seed-to-bottle” grower and producer of an all natural hot sauce and other fine sauces. Their ingredients are grown on Gordz Pepper Ranch in Ontario, without chemical pesticides or herbicides, and their sauces contain no additives or preservatives. They process their home-grown peppers and vegetables in a food processing facility located right on their ranch.

Snacks: GORP Energy Bars 🍁

Name: GORP Clean Energy Bars & Mixes

Products: GORP Clean Energy Bars & GORP Energy Bar Ready Mix

Manufactured In: Niverville, MB

Where to Buy: Company website and retailers across Canada


Canadian Owned: Yes

GORP Clean Energy Bars & Mixes are made by hand in small batches, on a family farm in the Canadian Prairies. They are very detailed about the ingredients they use in their products and make a product that isn’t a bunch of crud and sugar mashed together and called an energy bar. Definitely worth a look if you need a high-protein quick energy boost.