Personal Care: One Step Hand Sanitizer

Name: One Step

Products: Hand sanitizers

Manufactured In: Mississauga, Ontario

Where to buy: Stores across the country


Canadian Owned: No

With the coronavirus dominating the news right now, you should have a good supply of alcohol-based hand sanitizer. And you might as well buy a Canadian-made brand such as One Step, who make a 62% alcohol product as well as an extra-strength 70% alcohol hand sanitizer. It appears that they are now owned by American conglomerate Hain Celestial, but as far as we can tell, One Step is still made in Canada.

Online Store: The Made in Canada Store 🍁

Name: The Made in Canada Store

Products: Art, craft, design, clothing, home decor, books, cards, candles, beauty, pottery

Where to Buy: Online + Brick-and-mortar location in Dundas, ON


Canadian Owned: Yes

If you’re looking for a place to shop a nice variety of made in Canada goods, this is for you. If you happen to be in Dundas, they also have a store where you can peruse the merchandise in person.

Instruments: Dingwall Guitars 🍁

Name: Dingwall Guitars

Products: Bass guitars

Manufactured In: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Where to Buy: Dealers and online


Canadian Owned: Yes

Dingwall makes highly-regarded bass guitars in their facility in Saskatoon, employing 14 people. Though we have no idea what this means, they use the fanned-fret system, which apparently makes the bass harder to play but more versatile. A wide variety of professional musicians use their gear. Note that 2 of their lines, Combustion and NG, are made in China.

Confectionery/Breakfast: Garland Sugar Shack 🍁

Name: Garland Sugar Shack

Products: Maple syrup, maple butter, maple sugar, maple candies, maple popcorn, maple cones, maple jelly, maple cotton candy, maple tarts, maple taffy, maple wine

Manufactured In: Vars, Ontario

Where to Buy: Online, at the farm, local farmers markets


Canadian Owned: Yes

As you can tell by the products list, Garland Sugar Shack makes pretty much everything maple. They now have 5,000 production taps and are constantly expanding. They also make a maple wine, which ships in Ontario only, but sounds very interesting.

Food: Prairie Harvest 🍁

Name: Prairie Harvest Canada

Products: Pastas, pasta sauce, beans

Manufactured In: Edmonton, Alberta

Where to Buy: Stores across Canada


Canadian Owned: Yes

Prairie Harvest makes a wide variety of pastas, including gluten-free options, and in contrast to other manufacturers, slow-dries their pasta up to 17 hours (compared to 5 for many others). They also produce a line of sauces and packaged beans.

Food: The Garlic Box 🍁

Name: The Garlic Box

Products: Variety of garlic-based products, including whole garlic

Manufactured In: Hensall, Ontario

Where to Buy: Online and stores (store locator may or may not work)


Canadian Owned: Yes

The Garlic Box creates a variety of food products from Ontario-grown garlic (from the fertile soil located between Lake Huron and Lake Ontario). They grow and process more than 50,000 pounds of garlic per year.

Mattresses/Furniture Natural Mattress 🍁

Name: Natural Mattress

Products: Mattresses & bedroom furniture

Manufactured In: Calgary, Alberta

Where to Buy: Calgary & online


Canadian Owned: Yes

Natural Mattress is another participant in Canada’s rich tapestry of mattress manufacturers. It’s really quite amazing how many there are, and here at MiC we must admit that we’re surprised that there are so many. Presumably the size and weight of a mattress makes it easier to manufacture closer to customers, but that’s true for a lot of products.

Internet Services: Acadium 🍁

Name: Acadium

Products: Online learning/apprenticeship platform connecting aspiring digital marketing students with businesses

Headquartered In: Ottawa, ON

Where to buy: Company website


Canadian Owned: Yes

Acadium is an Ottawa-based startup (with an office in Toronto) the focuses on learning and apprenticeship opportunities for students and finding affordable digital marketing interns for business. They also offer an accelerator program to help students find full-time jobs in digital marketing within 120 days.

Canoes: Lone Pine Canoe 🍁

Name: Lone Pine Canoe

Products: Canoe manufacture and repair

Manufactured In: Bracebridge, Ontario

Where to buy: Call or email them


Canadian Owned: Yes

Paul Burns has been making and restoring wood canoes in his own shop since 2013. He focuses on the history and heritage of wood canoes.

Clothing/Outdoors: Ecologyst 🍁

Name: Ecologyst

Products: Camp materials and apparel for men and women

Manufactured In: Victoria, BC, or elsewhere in Canada

Where to Buy: Online, stores in Victoria and Whistler


Canadian Owned: Yes

Ecologyst started off life as Sitka, following the path of many other Canadian businesses, making their goods offshore. They came to realize, however, that they weren’t living up their environmental values, and subsequently brought their production to Victoria, BC. Some products (such as knives, made in France) are not made in Victoria, but the origin on each seems to be marked clearly.