Baby Clothing: Itty Bitty Baby Clothing Company 🍁

Name: Itty Bitty Baby Clothing Company

Products: Baby clothes and accessories

Manufactured In: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Where to Buy: Online as well as various retailers and hospital gift shops


Canadian Owned: Yes

Itty Bitty Baby is a Canadian company that manufactures baby clothes and accessories in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The company specialises in offering high-quality products for premature babies. Itty Bitty Baby has a deep understanding of the unique needs of premature babies and the importance of their well-being,

Each garment is crafted with precision and care from a selection of soft and gentle fabrics to the careful detailing and stitching to ensure they are comfortable and easy to use. The garments are designed by designers who work closely with neonatal specialists and healthcare professionals and they meet the highest standards of functionality and safety.