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Always searching for the cool side of the pillow? You shouldn’t have to! These cooling pillows provide a cool sleeping surface all night long, allowing you to rest without overheating. Cooling pillows come in many shapes, sizes, and material contents, so finding the perfect option can be difficult. That’s why we tested most of the pillows on the Canadian market to help find the best cooling pillows in Canada.

While we were creating our list, we looked at features like the loft, firmness, fill, and cover materials. Our team of dedicated testers took these pillows home to test them for extended periods so we could get a better idea of how they worked after weeks of use, too. We’re bringing you only the best choices from our research and findings.

Best Cooling Pillows for Canadians

Why Did We Choose These Cooling Pillows in Canada?

We chose each of the pillows on our list of recommendations for a specific reason. As we evaluated each option (and found where they stand out), we quickly developed a list of our best options. Here’s why we chose each of the pillows on this list.

The Silk & Snow Pillow is the best cooling pillow in Canada overall. This option uses a breathable cotton cover, paired with air-blown microfibres and shredded memory foam. The result is better airflow and less overheating.

The Hush Hybrid Pillow on the other hand, offers the best cover on our list. The 100% bamboo cover features tiny perforations to keep you cool throughout the night. Increased airflow means you stay comfortable!

Endy’s Customizable Pillow is the best adjustable option we found. This pillow can be changed to any loft or firmness by adding or removing fill. It’s great for those who don’t know what firmness or loft they prefer.

Hush’s Eco-Pillow is the best option for eco-conscious Canadians. Natural materials in the cover, memory foam core, and beyond create a comfortable pillow you can feel great about.

The Casper Foam Pillow with Snow Technology’s low profile makes it great for some sleepers, but it really shines when it comes to superior cooling features. This is the best mattress to get for a stomach sleeper who often overheats.

If you’re on a budget, you should choose the Douglas Cooling Gel Foam Pillow. The cooling pad on one side keeps you comfortable and cool, but the other side is still room temperature. It’s great for those who are only occasionally too warm.

Best Overall

The Silk & Snow Pillow

The Silk & Snow Pillow


It's Great For:

The Silk & Snow Pillow doesn’t settle for a single type of fill. This hybrid pillow is the best cooling pillow in Canada overall. This is due to the 100% cotton cover, which starts the pillow off right. Inside is a layer of down-alternative microfibre. These fibres are air-blown for maximum plushness. This process also makes them extremely breathable, as they are unlikely to clump together and hold on to heat.

The core of the pillow features shredded memory foam, which works to cradle your head and neck without overheating. This fill can be adjusted easily, so you can find the perfect loft and firmness to suit your sleeping position and needs. Because of the way this pillow adjusts, it’s the perfect choice for those who sleep hot in most positions. Anyone can find their ideal pillow, regardless of what they need from it.

These components work together to create better airflow, so you don’t wake up hot. While some memory foam pillows use scrap foam from other products, the fill used in this option is CertiPUR-US certified. It’s been thoroughly tested to be safe and clean for use, and that means that it won’t clump up. This memory foam is cut into the perfect shapes to offer great support and breathability, too.

With the addition of the plush microfibre, this pillow is easily one of the most comfortable options on the Canadian market. The 100% cotton shell can easily be removed and washed, so you can keep your sleeping surface clean and comfortable for many nights to come. Try it for the first 100 nights after you make your purchase to find out if it works for you.

The Highlights

The Silk & Snow Pillow uses a hybrid core. This means that the adjustable shredded memory foam is used alongside a down-alternative microfibre to produce a comfortable, plush surface. This is due, in part, to the air-blown microfibres that mimic the feel of real down. The pillow itself is completely adjustable, so you can find your perfect loft and firmness. It’s great for sleepers in all positions, and those with all preferences can adjust the pillow to fit their needs.

  • Hybrid core features adjustable shredded memory foam and microfibre
  • Air-blown microfibres produce a plush sleeping surface
  • Fully adjustable, allowing you to find your perfect loft and firmness
  • Great for sleepers in all positions and with all preferences

From the Test Lab

“This pillow was soft and comfortable but remained extremely breathable throughout my sleep test. I usually sleep hot, but this pillow helped.”

Best Cover

The Hush Hybrid Pillow

The Hush Hybrid Pillow


It's Great For:

Hush’s Hybrid Pillow offers the best cover on a cooling pillow in Canada. With a perforated bamboo cover and ICED technology, these shredded foam pillows are cool all night long. Plus, they are fully customizable. This system allows you to completely change how your pillow feels, including firmness and loft. Pillow feeling too flat? Add more fill to the zipper bag inside the case. Too much fill? Remove some and store it so you can get a great night’s sleep.

Because of the adjustable and customizable nature of this pillow, it’s great for sleepers in all positions. You don’t have to worry about finding the perfect loft and firmness for you because you can easily change those things to be more comfortable for you. The inside of the pillow (the fill) is created with shredded memory foam and a vegan down alternative, which is a shredded microfibre. Together, these materials create a soft, feathery feel that makes this pillow comfortable no matter how you use it.

It’s also infused with ICED technology, Hush’s proprietary cooling system. With both sides having this ‘cool’ feature, you won’t have to search for the cool side of the pillow anymore – both sides are cold.

The cover of the pillow is removable and washable, so you can keep your pillow clean beyond replacing a pillowcase. The cover is made of perforated bamboo, which will pair perfectly with your favourite set of bamboo sheets. Further, these pillows are equipped with anti-wrinkle technology. It helps cradle your face and reduce wrinkles and skin damage just as well as a silk pillowcase.

This cover is also antibacterial to keep your skin comfortable and clean. Altogether, these materials make this pillow cool to the touch and extremely comfortable to sleep on, with or without a pillowcase. You can try the Hush Hybrid Pillow during a 30-night sleep trial that activates when you purchase the mattress. During this time, you can see if it’s the right pillow for you.

The Highlights

The Hush Hybrid Pillow offers adjustable fill, so you can find the firmness and loft that’s perfect for you. That means that this pillow works for every sleeping position with a fill adjustment. You can purchase a single pillow or the 2-pack if your partner needs a new pillow, too. The perforated bamboo cover is extremely breathable and cool. It also has antibacterial properties to protect your skin.

  • Adjustable fill allows you to find your perfect firmness and loft on your own
  • Works for every sleeping position due to the adjustable nature of the loft and firmness
  • Offered as a single pillow or in a 2-pack
  • The perforated bamboo cover is extremely breathable and cool

From the Test Lab

“All of our testers were able to find the best possible pillow for them with a little troubleshooting. The adjustable nature of this pillow is extremely helpful.”

Best Adjustable

Endy Customizable Pillow

Endy Customizable Pillow


It's Great For:

The Endy Customizable pillow is one of the best options on the market if you want an adjustable pillow. This pillow can be changed according to your requirements for loft and firmness. No matter how you sleep or how you like your pillows, this option will be comfortable. Working to find the perfect combination of firmness and height is one of the best parts of this pillow.

It’s also completely hypoallergenic. Canadians with allergies won’t find their allergies irritated by this pillow. Instead, you’ll get a soft, plush feel and enough support to keep your neck and back comfortable. Though the pillow may feel as though it’s made from down, it uses a blend of shredded memory foam and cotton to create a down-like surface. If you prefer your pillows to be soft, this is the right option for you.

When you are ready to wash your pillow, simply zip off the cover and throw it into the wash. You don’t have to worry about removing the fill or spot-cleaning the cover to keep it clean. The 100% cotton cover is breathable and soft on your skin, decreasing breakouts and allergy flares.

Do you often wish for a super-comfortable pillow when you’re on the go? The Endy Customizable pillow can help. The mesh pouch where you can store your extra fill doubles as a travel pillow, so you can get comfortable anywhere you go.

This pillow is available in two sizes: Standard and King. It comes with a 3-year warranty and a 60-night sleep trial, so you can truly see if this pillow suits you.

The Highlights

Endy’s Customizable Pillow is completely adjustable, which means you can customize the loft (or height) and firmness of the pillow. That means sleepers in any position can appreciate this pillow. The cover and fill are completely hypoallergenic, so those who suffer from allergies won’t be uncomfortable while using this pillow. The surface and fill both feel plush and soft, much as you’d find in a down pillow. Overall, this pillow is extremely breathable so you can rest comfortably.

  • Completely customizable loft and firmness for Canadians who want complete control
  • Hypoallergenic cover and fill for those with allergies
  • Feels plush and soft like down
  • Extremely breathable to help keep you cool

From the Test Lab

“We loved the customization in this pillow. All of our testers found that they were comfortable and woke up refreshed after using it.”

Best Eco-Conscious

The Hush Eco-Pillow

The Hush Eco-PIllow


It's Great For:

The Hush Eco-Pillow is a sustainably made memory foam pillow made with soy and other all-natural materials. These materials create a plush, comfortable memory foam that supports you well. The foam contours to your head and neck, reducing strain as you sleep. The memory foam core is surrounded by a breathable 100% bamboo cover, so you won’t wake up overheated and uncomfortable during the night.

The cover is easy to remove, and you can wash it in your machine at home. There’s no need to follow special care instructions, meaning that this pillow can keep your bed fresh and clean. The pillow has antibacterial and anti-allergenic properties. This means that bacteria can’t grow on this pillow and that it won’t trigger your allergies. It’s gentle on your skin, too.

If you need a pillow that is supportive but soft, this is the perfect option for you. It contours to the shape of your head to provide just enough support right where you need it most. This means that it works for most sleepers, especially those who sleep with their arms under the pillow.

This eco-conscious option comes in Queen and King sizes. Every part of the pillow is sustainably made and gentle on your skin, allowing for great sleep no matter if you have allergies or sensitive skin. These features can help you sleep a bit easier throughout the night.

The Highlights

The Hush Eco-Pillow is made with antibacterial and anti-allergenic materials. It’s easy on your skin and won’t trigger allergies or breakouts. The cover is easy to remove, so you can wash it often with the rest of your laundry. The supportive memory foam core is made with soy and natural ingredients, so it’s eco-conscious as well. The breathable cover is made with 100% bamboo, which keeps you cool throughout the night (especially if you usually sleep hot).

  • Antibacterial and anti-allergenic materials
  • The cover is easy to remove and machine washable
  • Made from soy and other all-natural materials and ingredients
  • Extremely breathable cover and a supportive memory foam core

From the Test Lab

“This pillow felt great all night long. It was comfortable and kept us comfortable and supported throughout the night. It was also very cooling!”

Best Low Loft

Casper Foam Pillow with Snow Technology

Casper Foam Pillow with Snow Technology


It's Great For:

Casper’s Foam Pillow with Snow Technology is a low-profile foam pillow with a ton of different cooling features built in to keep you comfortable. This pillow features three layers of perforated gel memory foam, paired with HeatDelete bands and phase-changing cover materials. Together, these features help keep the pillow cool for up to 12 hours, which means your entire night is comfortable and cool.

This pillow has a low loft, making it perfect for stomach sleepers and some back sleepers. Though it’s not very tall, the pillow comes with a variety of other features that make it stand out above the rest. Snow Technology, for instance, is optional. You can remove it if you don’t want extremely cool temperatures from your pillow. However, the option is there if you need it.

There are two available sizes, Standard and King. You can even order these pillows in a double pack if you need to! There are options for just about everyone, and this pillow is there to meet your needs.

A cool-touch outer layer and AirScape foam help the pillow breathe, circulating hot air away from you and keeping cooler temperatures close. There are three layers of supportive memory foam layered within the pillow, which support your head and neck and keep your spine aligned. As a result, you’ll sleep longer and wake up more refreshed in the morning.

You can try the pillow for the first 30 days after your purchase to see if it’s right for you. When you decide to keep it, you’ll have a 1-year pillow warranty from Casper.

The Highlights

The Casper Foam Pillow with Snow Technology has four HeatDelete bands inside of the pillow, a material that moves heat away from you quickly. It’s a squishy and soft pillow that’s soft enough for stomach sleepers. However, inside is a core of extremely supportive memory foam. This mattress can keep you cool and reduce the strain caused by misalignment.

  • HeatDelete Bands and additional perforated materials create a cooler pillow
  • Squishy and soft
  • Supportive foam construction
  • A low loft is ideal for those who sleep on their stomachs or backs

From the Test Lab

“This low-loft pillow was one of the coolest models we tested. The HeatDelete bands help transfer heat away from the source, leaving your head and neck cool and comfortable.”

Best Budget

Douglas Cooling Gel Memory Foam Pillow

Douglas Cooling Gel Memory Foam Pillow


It's Great For:

The Douglas Cooling Gel Memory Foam Pillow is one of the best options you can choose when you are on a budget. This pillow costs less than some of the other options on our list, but it doesn’t sacrifice quality. This mattress is made with luxury materials, including the memory foam fill and the gel cooling pad on one side. This pad keeps you cool. Since it’s only on one side, though, you’ll have the option of flipping the pillow to rest on a room-temperature surface. This is a great option for those who are only warm sometimes.

The memory foam is also extremely supportive, which is a feature that some shredded foam pillows sometimes miss. The foam forms to your head and neck, creating the perfect alignment for your spine. The low profile is especially helpful for stomach and back sleepers, who need proper alignment without too much loft.

When it’s time to clean your pillow, you can unzip the ice yarn cover and put it in the washing machine. This helps keep your pillow fresh and comfortable for years to come. Using a pillowcase with this cooling pillow won’t make it any warmer, so you can feel comfortable protecting the fill.

The gel pad is cool to the touch, but you can turn the pillow over if you want to keep it a little warmer. This dual design is missing from some options on our list, but it’s essential for the average sleeper.

The Douglas Cooling Gel Memory Foam Pillow comes with a 3-year warranty. You have two options to choose from when it comes to size, including Regular and Large. Make sure to choose pillowcases that match the dimensions of the pillow.

The Highlights

The Douglas Cooling Gel Memory Foam pillow has a gel pad on one side, allowing you to flip the pillow if you want a room-temperature experience. The low loft works best for those who sleep on their stomach or back because of the way it helps align your spine. The cover is made of cooling ice yarn. It’s machine washable and easy to remove. There are also two different size options available, including Regular and Large.

  • The gel pad on one side of the pillow gives you the option to flip it
  • Low profile works well for those who sleep on their stomach or back
  • The machine-washable ice yarn cover is cool and soft
  • Two size options (Regular and Large)

From the Test Lab

“Some of our testers loved the gel pad that they could flip when they got too cool.”

Why Trust Us?

For years, we’ve followed the latest home, lifestyle, and sleep trends to help improve the lives of our fellow Canadians. From mattresses to small kitchen appliances, exercise equipment, and beyond, we’re committed to offering the best recommendations for your home and life. All our recommendations begin at our test lab, where we put each item through rigorous, customized testing. Then, we send each product to our team of testers for detailed feedback. Then, we compare both sets of data to arrive at our list of recommendations.

As we evaluated the best cooling pillows in Canada, we extensively tested the following features.

  • Loft. Loft refers to the height of the pillow, or how tall it is. A loftier pillow might be denser, but it also raises your head off the bed to a greater degree than a low-loft option. This can affect how comfortably you sleep depending on your sleeping position. We looked for options with adjustable lofts or a range of options to help you choose. 
  • Fill. The inside of the pillow matters. Whether it’s memory foam, shredded foam, or faux down, the interior can determine how breathable and cool a mattress is. We chose only the best fill materials to recommend to you.
  • Cover Materials. The cover of the pillow can make the pillow more breathable or comfortable. We looked for a variety of cover materials, including cooling materials to help the pillow reduce heat throughout the night.
  • Firmness. The firmness you prefer is personal, but it’s tied to your sleeping position. We looked at a variety of firmness options to try and present more options for you to choose from. 

How to Choose a Cooling Pillow for Canadians

Choosing a cooling pillow can help you sleep better, but it can be difficult. If you sleep hot, you may think that a cooler pillow won’t help, but they can actually add quite a bit of temperature control to your sleep environment! Here are some tips and options you should look for before you decide which pillow you want to purchase.

Pillow Loft

Loft and firmness are two of the most important factors to consider when choosing a pillow. Though they are different factors, they are tied together and can represent how comfortable you’ll find a pillow. The loft and firmness you should choose are tied to your sleeping position.

  • Stomach sleepers need a low loft. Pillows for stomach sleepers should be soft and less dense than other types, as it helps keep stomach sleepers’ heads and necks in proper alignment.
  • Side sleepers should go for a high loft, with a firmer feel. Dense pillows are more susceptible to heat, so make sure to choose wisely. If you need a dense, firm, high-loft pillow, choose one with the most effective cooling methods you can find. 
  • Back sleepers should go for a medium loft and firmness. However, back sleepers tend to be a bit more choosy than other sleeping positions due to a variety of factors associated with back sleeping. Some sleepers may fall outside of these preferences. 

The loft should be one of the most important things you consider before you purchase any pillow, especially a cooling pillow. Make sure to pay close attention to your ideal pillow loft before you make a decision.


Just like mattresses, pillows come in a variety of firmnesses to help sleepers get the best possible rest. Firmer pillows can be more supportive, but trap heat more than softer options. Soft pillows can be more uncomfortable if you don’t sleep on your stomach.

One of the best things you can do if you are unsure about your preferred firmness is to choose a pillow with adjustable fill. Some pillows come with some extra fill and can be zipped open to add or remove fill if you need to.

If you aren’t completely sure about your preferred firmness, you should look at adjustable pillows. Otherwise, choose the firmness that best aligns with your sleeping positions. As a reminder, those are:

  • Stomach sleepers prefer soft pillows.
  • Side sleepers prefer firmer pillows.
  • Back sleepers prefer medium pillows. 

Keep in mind that these are only suggestions. They can still make a good starting point if you are unsure about what you prefer.

Fill Materials

The inside of the pillow matters a great deal when you’re considering which pillow to purchase. There are a few types of fill that can help reduce heat inside the pillow overall, but it’s important to choose the one that you think might work best for you.

Here’s a quick run-down of the types of fill materials you may discover as you search for a pillow.

  • Memory Foam. Memory foam pillows are great for support. Like memory foam mattresses, memory foam pillows contour to your body and feel like they’re offering great support in all the right places. However, it’s usually very hot. Shredded memory foam is more comfortable on the whole, and it might be infused with materials that help neutralize heat (such as cooling gel). 
  • Latex. Latex pillows are more breathable than memory foam options overall. However, this all-natural material can feel different. It’s more responsive than memory foam, creating a bouncier surface overall. 
  • Down and Alternative Downs. Down and alternatives that are meant to act like down are breathable but can be a little warmer than you’d like. Down is soft and fluffy, but it’s also very good at insulating (which is why it’s used in so many comforters and duvets). Down alternatives are usually less expensive and cooler than real down. These options are made with synthetic materials instead of animal products, too. 

Keep in mind that some pillows (especially shredded memory foam ones) may be adjustable. This means that there’s a smaller bag within the pillow that holds the fill, and you can unzip the bag and change the fill level to your liking. If this is something you’re interested in, look for pillows with adjustable fill. Usually, these are shredded memory foam. Investing in an adjustable pillow can help you find the perfect loft for you. If you aren’t sure what you like, an adjustable pillow can help you find the option you prefer. 

Cover Materials

The cover materials can change the way the pillow feels. Of course, most Canadians use pillowcases with their cooling pillows. We recommend using pillowcases, too. That’s because using a pillowcase can help reduce wear and tear on your pillow. Since most pillows can’t be put into the washing machine, you must protect the pillow from common issues like sweat and humidity.

However, cover materials can affect how breathable your pillow is. Some pillows use cooling mesh to produce maximum airflow, while others use comfortable cotton. Some companies even use proprietary materials to help their pillows feel cooler.

Take a close look at the cover materials when choosing a cooling pillow, as it can make quite a difference.

Cooling Methods

But how do cooling pillows cool you as you sleep? There are a few different methods that your pillow might use. The two most popular (and effective) cooling options include cooling gel pads and PCM, or Phase-Changing Material.

PCM is made to feel cool no matter what. Once it reaches a certain temperature, it works to wick away moisture and neutralize heat throughout the night. On the other hand, cooling gel pads can keep you cooler initially, but the effects tend to be less pronounced throughout the night. However, they are sometimes removable (or you may have the ability to turn the pillow over if it’s a little too cold).

Memory foam pillows usually use cooling pads. They work fine, especially if you move around a lot during the night.

There are other cooling methods available, but these are the most effective. Some materials are simply more breathable, which may work if you’re only slightly warm during the night.

Pillows with adjustable fill, however, provide better breathability throughout the core. The covers are usually more breathable, too. If you don’t overheat too much during the night, you can choose a pillow with adjustable fill to provide cooling features.


There are a few different pillow sizes that might be available when you are purchasing your cooling pillow. There are standard pillows (usually 16” x 24”) or King pillows (usually 16” x 32”). Further, some pillows might have custom dimensions based on their construction. If you want to buy pillowcases for your pillows, make sure to check that the dimensions line up appropriately.

Care Instructions

It can be challenging to know how to care for your pillow. While some pillows are machine washable, many of the high-end pillows we recommended shouldn’t be submerged in water. Different materials, covers, and cooling methods might change the way you should care for your pillows.

However, different pillows may have different care instructions based on the materials used. Each pillow should have care instructions printed on the tag, or with the documentation that comes with the pillow. If you can’t find that information, checking online is always useful. Taking care of your pillow properly can ensure that they last a long time.  

Improper washing can also void your warranty, so make sure to follow the instructions as closely as possible. 


While most of the pillows on our list come as a single pillow, there are a few that come in larger packages. Others may have the option to order two pillows in a combined package. Even if you usually sleep with two of the inexpensive pillows from big box retailers, it’s best to start with one memory foam pillow (or any of the other types of pillows on our list). That’s because the pillows are specifically designed to offer support and loft in a single pillow.

If you find that you need another, you can always purchase one once you’ve decided that you like it. Packages with two pillows are usually meant for couples, with one pillow for each person. Keep this in mind as you order, and make sure that you choose the correct package size before you check out.

Sleep Trials

Some sleep-focused companies offer a sleep trial that allows you to see how you like the pillow before you decide to keep it. While other retail companies may not offer sleep trials, companies that make mattresses, bed sheets, duvets, and bed frames usually offer some type of sleep trial. Since you can’t try the pillow before you bring it home, this allows you to test it to see if it works for you.

Sleep trials for pillows don’t last as long as those for mattresses. Usually, a sleep trial for a pillow can be up to 60 days. It takes about 30 days for your body to get used to a new pillow, especially if you’re switching from inexpensive retail store pillows. You should choose a pillow with the longest possible sleep trial, which will give you time to make sure that the pillow is right for you.

While most sleep trials offer similar terms, you should always check the website for more information about the company’s sleep trial policies. Some companies won’t accept pillow returns in a certain condition, while others may require a fee to return the pillow. Knowing the terms of the sleep trial can help you choose a pillow that will work well for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can and should use a pillowcase with a cooling pillow. You’ll still be able to feel the cooling effects, and it protects your pillow from sweat, humidity, and dead skin. You can always wake the pillowcase off to wash it, which reduces the need to wash your pillow every few days.

High-end cooling pillows can last up to four years, while inexpensive options might need replacing more often. You can tell when your cooling pillow needs to be replaced when it stops cooling or feels lumpy and uncomfortable.

Generally, cooling pillows should be spot cleaned only. You should use mild soap and water, but you should never immerse a foam pillow in water. If you are unsure about washing your pillow, you can check the care instructions on the tag.