Beverages/Condiments: Pyramid Ferments 🍁

Name: Pyramid Ferments

Products: Kombucha, sauerkraut, kimchi, beet kvass

Manufactured In: Northport, Ontario

Where to buy: Retailers throughout Ontario


Canadian Owned: Yes

Pyramid Ferments is a Canadian-owned and operated company based in Prince Edward County, Ontario. The company works with seasonal ingredients to highlight their distinct flavours through their sauerkrauts, kimchis and kombuchas, offering never before seen tastes and flavour profiles to customers and retail vendors.

They source their raw materials from produce they make themselves, locally from Prince Edward County and from farmers throughout Ontario. The recipes for their products are inspired by cultural flavours from around the world.

Pyramid Ferments is committed to innovation and experimentation, which is reflected in its approach to creating exciting and distinct fermented foods and beverages.