Beverages: Lassonde Industries 📈

Name: Lassonde Industries

Products: Juices under a variety of brands, wine, cider, specialty food products

Manufactured In: Calgary, Alberta; Toronto, Ontario; Halifax, Nova Scotia; Rougemont, Quebec

Where to buy: Grocery stores and other retailers across Canada


Canadian Owned: Publicly traded on the TSX

Founded in 1918 by Aristide Lassonde and his wife Georgianna Darcy, Lassonde Industries is a Canadian company with its headquarters in Rougemont, Quebec. Their initial idea was to help local growers by buying and canning their surplus vegetables. Since 2019, the company’s CEO has been Nathalie Lassonde and the company now employs over 2,100 people.

Since its early days, Lassonde Industries has grown into a large employer with several well-known brands under their umbrella. Some of their brands include Rougemont, Everfresh, Fairlee, Graves, Allen’s, and Oasis. Every year they buy around 50,000 tonnes of apples as well as other fresh ingredients from growers in Quebec, Ontario, and the Maritime provinces.