Beverages: Segovia Coffee 🍁

Name: Segovia Coffee Co.

Products: Coffee

Manufactured In: Brampton, Ontario

Where to Buy: Online from Segovia Coffee


Canadian Owned: Yes

Segovia Coffee is a Canadian company based in Brampton, Ontario that imports coffee from Nicaragua and distributes green and roasted coffee through their website. All Segovia coffee beans come from a single farm: Finca La Consuelo, which is located in the Matagalpa-Segovia corridor, and is said to grow the best coffee in Central America.

Segovia Coffee was founded in 2015 by Nicaraguan immigrants to Canada who wanted to share some of Nicaraguan culture with Canadians. Because of their close ties with one of the most successful growers in Nicaragua, Uriel Zeas, they have access to the best 100% Arabica beans that have a balanced body, with notes of chocolate, cherry, clove, and hazelnut.