Beer: Spearhead Brewing Company 🍁

Name: Spearhead Brewing Company

Products: Beer

Manufactured In: Kingston, Ontario

Where to Buy: The Beer Store, LCBO, various bars in Ontario, brewery retail store


Canadian Owned: Yes

Spearhead Brewing Company is a brewery based in Kingston, Ontario. It was founded in 2011 as a contract brewery to create quality craft beers. Each release is carefully planned by the Spearhead brew team and the company uses traditional methods combined with non-traditional ingredients, resulting in a unique, signature style of beer.

The selection of beers by Spearhead Brewing Company includes lager, NEIPA, ale, and IPA among their core selection. Spearhead also makes small batch beers and offers the option to create your own packs where you can mix different beers.

You can order Spreahead beers online or visit a retailer that stock the beers.