Clothing/Personal Care: Illbury + Goose 🍁

Name: Illbury + Goose

Products: Clothing

Manufactured in: Canada (Mostly London, Ontario)

Where to buy: Online, brick & mortar store in London, Ontario


Canadian owned: Yes

Though their physical retail presence is restricted to the London, Ontario area, Illbury + Goose has a strong online presence. Not only do they have cool Canadian-made clothing, they also offer a selection of leather goods, personal care products and more. They also offer watches, which do not appear to be made in Canada.

Clothing: New Scotland Clothing Company 🍁

Name: New Scotland Clothing Company

Products: Clothing for men, women and youths

Manufactured in: mainly Canada/Nova Scotia

Where to buy: Company website stores in Dartmouth and Halifax


Canadian owned: Yes

Brothers Kevin and Scott Saccary founded New Scotland Clothing Company, a clothing line that “revisits the past to create goods with character for those that appreciate quality.” Much of their clothing is made in partnership with our friends Stanfield’s in Nova Scotia.

Clothing: Stanfield’s 🍁

Name: Stanfield’s

Products: Undergarments for men, women and children, clothing (“Heritage Line”)

Manufactured in: Truro, Nova Scotia

Where to buy: Online, 1200 retailers across the country


Canadian owned: Yes

Though Stanfield’s Limited was not incorporated until 1906, it traces its roots back to PEI in 1856 and later the Truro Woolen Mills which opened in 1870. Today, Stanfield’s employs nearly 550 people and has earned a rightful reputation as “the Underwear Company”.

Note that it appears that some lower-products, such as their underwear sold at Walmart, are not made in Canada. However, 90% of their products are made in Truro.

Clothing: Jerico Sportswear 🍁

Name: Jerico Sportswear

ProductsWide variety of clothing for all ages

Manufactured In: Toronto, Ontario


Canadian owned: Yes

Since 1987, Jerico has operated as a family business in the hugely competitive clothing industry. Despite massive competition from low-cost countries, they continue to employ Canadians and produce quality, socially-conscious apparel. They are an absolute rarity.