Clothing/Accessories: Topsy Farms 🍁

Name: Topsy Farms Inc.

Products: Wool Blankets (Queen, throws, LapRobes); Yarn and hand-knit products; sheepskins, lambskins, and products thereof; wool bedding

Manufactured In: Amherst Island, Ontario; Prince Edward Island; Alberta

Where to Buy: Online and Topsy Farms on Amherst Island, ON


Canadian Owned: Yes

Topsy Farms is a large sheep farm on Amherst Island, near Kingston, Ontario. Their fleeces are shorn each year in spring and then shipped to PEI where many of their products are created. The animals are ethically raised, on pasture.

Wool by Topsy Farms is sustainably produced. It is washed using soap only, avoiding the sulphuric acid and other additives that usually make wool prickly. Their sheepskins come from Atlas Tanning in Ontario; sheepskin mitts from Hides and Hands, Ontario, and the mattress pads, comforters, and wool pillows from Custom Woolen Mills of Alberta. They have 6 knitters producing woolen knit products.