Clothing/Fashion: Frank Lyman 🍁

Name: Frank Lyman

Products: Dresses, jeans, tops, and outerwear for women

Manufactured In: Canada


Where to Buy: Online and selected stores

Canadian Owned: Yes

Frank Lyman is a high-fashion label founded in 2001. Frank Lyman, the founder, had a successful career working for other brands in the fashion space. He decided to create his Canadian fashion label, focusing on unforgettable styles with the best possible fit. His styles include unique accents, creative details, and a stand-out aesthetic in the fashion industry.

Frank Lyman employs local specialists and tradespeople to design and create his clothing. Their Montreal factory hires local staff who are paid good wages to create jobs and stimulate the local economy. You can rest assured that every Frank Lyman piece is created with intent and the best possible materials and conditions.

This company features several collections each year. Collections may include jeans, dresses, blouses, skirts, leggings, jackets, and more. There are selections for every event and time of day, too!