Clothing/Fashion: Kim & Co. 🍁

Name: Kim & Co.

Products: Dresses, jumpsuits, tops, accessories, and other fashion accessories

Manufactured In: Montreal


Where to Buy: Online, QVC UK, QVC Deutschland, and TSC

Canadian Owned: Yes

Kim Mendelson founded Kim & Co. in 1988 to display some of her fashion designs. Her business started as a boutique and quickly grew to include shopping networks, where she worked at a gruelling pace to put out three new collections each month. Now, she is headlining a thriving women-owned fashion space, where designing for fellow women is a major goal of her company.

Kim & Co’s wardrobe selections are non-seasonal, meaning that you can wear them year-round. These timeless pieces are made from the best materials and created to be durable and simple to maintain. Options include various styles of pants, tops, dresses, and jumpsuits. Each collection features colourful, bold patterns based on different locations and events. You can find beautiful pieces in their lounge set, curvy set, and even in their holiday section.