Vintage Clothing/Handbags: Erin Templeton 🍁

Name: Erin Templeton

Products: Recycled leather handbags, vintage clothing, including jewelry, home goods, dresses, lingerie, and outerwear

Manufactured In: Vancouver, British Columbia


Where to Buy: Online or at the studio in Vancouver

Canadian Owned: Yes

Erin Templeton is a vintage clothing and handmade leather handbag shop in Vancouver. It began in Vancouver in 1999 when owner Erin Templeton noticed that lots of leather goods were discarded without being recycled. As a result, she vowed to use recycled leather in her handbags whenever possible.

Each piece that comes from Erin Templeton’s studio is made of recycled leather, imported hides, or local elk and bison skins. Usually, they are some combination of these materials, breathing new life into old pieces with the addition of new material.

But Erin Templeton makes more than leather handbags. Here, you’ll also find vintage clothing. Options include recreation pieces from the 1970s and 1980s. There are some tops and sweaters from the 1990s as well. There are beautiful dresses, jewelry, jeans, shoes, hats, scarves, and more. Every piece is modelled from real vintage pieces, inspired by the owner’s love of decades past.