Clothing/Fashion: Smash + Tess 🍁

Name: Smash + Tess

Products: Fashionable “every-wear” pyjamas

Manufactured In: Canada (and occasionally in the US)

Where to Buy: Online


Canadian Owned: Yes

Smash + Tess is a clothing company based in Vancouver. The owners are a mother-daughter-bestie trio that wanted to focus on slowing down fast fashion. One of their biggest motivations for starting Smash + Tess was a gap in the pyjama market. They wanted pyjamas that could easily transition into streetwear but found that no one was making what they wanted.

In addition to their pyjamas, they are known for their rompers, which are made with a soft, sustainable fabric that makes them extremely soft and comfortable. This bamboo rayon and cotton blend keeps its shape and wears well. It’s also a somewhat luxurious material compared to the competition.

Though rompers became the cornerstone of this company, they also make robes, dresses, intimates, maternity clothes, accessories, and bridal clothing. They are edging into the kid’s and men’s clothing spaces as well. They emphasize inclusive sizing, a less wasteful production process than most clothing manufacturers, and locally-made pieces. Each fashion piece is made on demand with time and care.