Clothing: Konno 🍁

Name: Konno Inc.

Products: Performance apparel

Manufactured In: Mississauga, Ontario

Where to Buy: Online or contact the company for a quote


Canadian Owned: Yes

Konno’s story began in 2007 in Mississauga, Ontario when the company began to make sports kits for the rugby market and it was known as Canada Rugby Shop. Since the, Konno has listened to requests from its lcients and expanded their offering to other sports beyond the original market including basketball, volleyball, hockey, and soccer.

Konno has the ability to custom design any apparel and produces custom-made corporate and team apparel and accessories. Customers can choose from over 100 different products and variations. Konno also offers the option to modify products and designs. For more details and prices, visit the company website or contact the company for a quote.