Clothing: Tristan 🍁

Name: Tristan

Products: Wide variety of clothing for women & men

Manufactured in: 30% of their products are manufactured in Quebec

Where to buy: Company website or  outlets across Canada


Canadian owned: Yes

Tristan was founded by Gilles Fortin and Denise Deslauriers in 1973. In its 50 years in existence, Tristan has become known for quality craftsmanship, elegant designs, refined fabrics, and great cuts.

Tristan is not part of the fast fashion movement but focuses on making clothes that last, following the philosophy that the longer your clothes last, the longer they stay out of the landfill.

The company is based in Montréal and around a third of their garments are manufactured in Quebec. If you prefer to buy clothes that were made in Canada, look for clothing identified as Made in Canada whether you are shopping online or in-store.