Coffee: Ashanti Coffee 🍁

Name: Ashanti Coffee

Products: Coffee

Manufactured In: Thornbury, Ontario

Where to Buy: Online, Ashanti cafes in Southern Ontario, and certain grocery stores like Sobey’s


Canadian Owned: Yes

Ashanti Coffee was founded by David Wilding-Davies. When David decided to travel to Africa in 1991 he found himself in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe, where they grow some of the best Arabica coffee beans in the world. Years later, David moved to the area, bought a coffee farm, and established Ashanti Coffee Enterprises.

However, when their land was expropriated, the family had to return to Canada. This could have been the end of Ashanti Coffee if David hadn’t partnered with other Zimbabwe coffee farmers who managed to keep their lands. This ensured Ashanti’s exclusivity on Zimbabwean coffee in Canada.

You can buy Ashanti coffee from some grocery store and if your local stores do not stock it, you can always order online.