Coffee: Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters 🍁

Name: Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters

Products: Coffee

Manufactured In: Calgary, AB

Where to Buy: Calgary area cafes, and online

Website: Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters

Canadian Owned: Yes

Founded in 2007, Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters has grown into a coffee roasting company of significant renown. From a single location at the Calgary Farmers Market, they now have several cafes in the Calgary area.

The coffee beans are sourced from around the world and roasted in Calgary. You can select from coffees made from beans from Burundi, Columbia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Honduras, and Panama. Phil & Sebastian’s product line includes espresso, filter coffee, decaf, and instant coffee. In addition to coffee, the company also sells equipment, chocolate, honey, and other merchandise. You can also take out a subscription to get your coffee delivered to your door and attend coffee-making classes and roastery tours.