Condiments: Halo Heats 🍁

Name: Halo Heats (formerly Papa D’s)

Products: Hot sauce, hot maple syrup, hot honey

Manufactured In: Windsor, Ontario

Where to buy: Online from company website, various retail locations


Canadian Owned: Yes

Halo Heats is a spicy condiment company founded by Christie and Jeff Denomme. Jeff was the person behind the award-winning Hawt Sauce by Papa D’s. However, he made the decision to discontinue the line of condiments because at the time he was busy with his design business.

The idea to develop a new line of spicy condiments came from Christie and the couple decided to develop a line of hot sauces with a focus on unique flavour combinations such as spicy chocolate mocha and hot cherry. Halo Heats’ condiments are sugarand gluten-free and have no artificial ingredients. The spicy condiments are available to order from the company’s website or from various retailers across the country.