Condiments: Twisted Tomato 🍁

Name: Twisted Tomato

Products: Gourmet ketchup

Manufactured In: Hamilton, ON

Where to buy: Online and various retailers


Canadian Owned: Yes

Twisted Tomato, based in Hamilton, Ontario, started as some people experimenting with ketchup and different ingredients on their food truck. Now, Twisted Tomato offers a line of gourmet ketchup in a variety of flavour that currently include bacon, chipotle, ghost pepper, dill pickle, garlicious, and ”Plain boring and all Canadian Ketchup”.

The ketchups by Twisted Tomato are unique blends of ketchups and complimentary flavours that create mouth-watering results. Experimenting with the flavours while working on the food truck gave the creators the unique advantage of getting immediate feedback from their customers. They are still working to develop new flavours and the existing flavours are available at 100+ stores in Ontario as well as several stores outside the province.