Confectionery: Hummingbird Chocolate Maker 🍁

Name: Hummingbird Chocolate Maker

Products: Single-origin, bean-to-bar chocolate bars, confections, cacao, chocolate drinks, and gifts

Manufactured In: Almonte, Ontario

Where to Buy: Online, retail shop in Almonte, Ontario, and retailers across Canada


Canadian Owned: Yes

Hummingbird is a craft chocolate maker, creating award-winning, single-origin chocolate in 10 arduous steps from cacao bean to chocolate bar. Based in Almonte, Ontario, Hummingbird focuses on ethically sourcing fine-flavour cacao and creating delicious chocolate bars and confections.

Founders Erica and Drew Gilmour have always loved chocolate but came to making it in a roundabout way.

From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, they spent their careers working with farmers in developing countries which was just about the best job in the world. They learned a lot, helped a bit, and gained huge respect and affection for people who make food, from growers to artisans.

Life was a tad spartan, but it was considerably improved by occasional indulgences of chocolate.

When it was time to leave Kabul, they decided to pursue chocolate making as it let them continue to connect with farmers while learning how to craft something they loved and that brought so much joy to others.

A decade later, they’re proud to be part of the craft chocolate movement, purchasing fine quality beans ethically, pairing them with local ingredients, and winning over a hundred international awards along the way.