Confectionery: King of Tarts 🍁

Name: King of Tarts

Products: Pastries

Manufactured In: Edmonton, AB

Where to buy: Online delivery to Edmonton, St. Albert, and Sherwood Park, or at Roasti Coffee Company in Sherwood Park and Felice Cafe in Edmonton


Canadian Owned: Yes

King of Tarts was founded by a self-taught baker in 2019 after discovering the joy of baking the Christmas prior. King of Tarts specialises in plant-based pastries. The company has an online store but because of the nature of the product, delivery is limited to the areas mentioned above. Hopefully, with some help, they can expand and make the tarts will become available in other areas of Canada, too.

At the time of writing (March 6, 2024), the company’s cafe is closed due to flooding in the basement of their building. It is due to remain closed for several months. Deliveries are still available and they are selling at the Old St-Rathcona Farmers Market every Saturday. You can also still get King of Tarts pastries at the Roasti and Felice Cafes.