Electronics: Anthem

Name: Anthem

Products: Audio electronics (pre-amps, power amps, integrated amps, A/V processors, etc)

Manufactured In: Mississauga, Ontario (and Vietnam)

Where to Buy: Online and in stores

Website: anthemav.com

Canadian Owned: No (owned by a US private equity firm)

Anthem is a manufacturer of high-end audio equipment. While the company is owned by an American company, Anthem is still based in Canada. It is a sister company of Paradigm another manufacturer of audio equipment based in Canada. The two companies employ over 300 people at their facility in Mississauga, Ontario.

The company is backed by over twenty years of innovative audio engineering and home-grown, hands-on design, leading to an exceptional level of functionality, reliability, and quality.

You can view the full line of products made by Anthem on the company’s website. However, you cannot purchase them from the website. To buy, visit one of the authorised dealers.