Electronics: Kron Technologies 🍁

Name: Kron Technologies Inc.

Products: High-Speed Cameras

Manufactured In: Burnaby, BC

Where to Buy: Online

Website: krontech.ca

Canadian Owned: Yes

Kron Technologies Inc. is a Canadian company focused on designing and manufacturing
high-speed imaging systems. The company is situated in the heart of the Greater Vancouver area in British Columbia. Kron was founded by designer David Kronstein to make high-speed imaging accessible to everyone.

As an engineering student, David was fascinated by slow-motion imagery he saw captured in TV shows such as Mythbusters. He searched for a high-speed camera for his own projects but realised they all came with high price tags. This led him to embark on a journey that resulted in him founding Kron Technologies.

All Chronos cameras from Kron are designed, produced, and tested in-house at Kron’s Canadian headquarters.