Fishing: Islander Reels 🍁

Name: Islander Reels

Products: Precision fishing reels

Manufactured In: Victoria, BC

Where to Buy: Buy directly or through their network of dealers


Canadian Owned: Yes

Islander Reels is a Canadian company that manufactures precision fishing reels. It is a division of J.S. Foster Corporation and was founded in 1990. J.S. Foster is a family-owned and operated company and employs over 50 people. It has been committed to manufacturing locally since its founding by Joseph Foster over 45 years ago.

Through its working relationship with J.S. Foster, Islander Reels combines quality and integrity with ingenuity and commitment to excellence. The staff at Islander are directly involved in every stage of the production from the design to the finishing touches. Over the years, they have improved the process through feedback from both pro and amateur anglers.