Fishing: Len Thompson Lures 🍁

Name: Len Thompson Lures

Products: Hand-made casting, trolling and jigging fishing lures

Manufactured In: Lacombe, Alberta

Where to Buy: Online and hundreds of retailers


Canadian Owned: Yes

Extra: Premium Quality, Canadian, Hand Made Casting, Trolling and Jigging Fishing Lures

Len Thompson started selling his lures in Abernethy, Saskatchewan in 1929 after inventing a new fishing spoon that consistently outperformed other products that were commercially available at the time. The factory is now located in Lacombe, Alberta, and remains proudly family-owned and operated after four generations and 45 million lures sold.

Len originally designed his spoons to target fish in Western Canada such as northern pike, walleye, and trout. Over the years Len Thompson lures have caught a massive variety of sports fish that include bass, salmon, muskies, and species found outside of North America as well. Ideal for casting, trolling, and jigging, they are easy to use and great for beginner and experienced anglers alike.