Food: Aliments BCI Foods Inc. 🍁

Name: Aliments BCI Foods Inc.

Products: Aylmer, Primo, Baxters, and Private Brands soups

Manufactured In: St. Hyacinthe, Quebec

Where to Buy: Most grocery stores and chains across Canada & United States


Canadian Owned: Yes

BCI Foods produces Primo and Aylmer soups. The ingredients are sourced locally as much as possible and from the United States when they are not in season in Canada. BCI Foods makes 100% of its soups in Canada, with the chefs carefully adding the ingredients to achieve the right texture and flavour every time.

Ingredients include a variety of garden vegetables such as carrots, green lentils, red beans, and green peas. The vegetables that are chosen for BCI soups all add nutritional value and contribute to a healthy diet.

Aliments BCI Foods is now Canadian-owned, as it was purchased by a variety of Quebec institutional and private investors in June 2018.