Food: Fromagerie Bergeron 📈

Name: Fromagerie Bergeron

Products: Various cheeses

Manufactured In: Quebec

Where to buy: Various chain stores, particularly Costco


Canadian Owned: No

Fromagerie Bergeron is a subsidiary of the publicly traded French Bel Group. Fromagerie Bergeron makes cheeses in Quebec, most of which can be identified by the Aliments du Quebec logo on the packaging, signifying that it is composed of a minimum of 85% main ingredients from Quebec, and that all the packaging and processing is also in Quebec. Also, Bel announced in 2018 plans to build a factory in Quebec to produce Mini Babybel cheese, with production scheduled for sometime in 2020.  Additionally, as part of Fromagerie Bergeron’s deal with Bel, all new production of The Laughing Cow cheese products for the Canadian market is in Bergeron’s factory in Saint-Nicolas, QC.