Food/Cleaning/Liquor: Reinhart Foods 🍁

Name: Reinhart Foods Ltd.

Products: Vinegar, coconut, glacé fruit, maraschino cherries, pie fillings, raisins, dates, hard cider

Manufactured In: Stayner, Ontario; Chambly, Quebec; Vancouver, BC

Where to Buy: Grocery stores, hardware stores, home improvement stores, LCBO


Canadian Owned: Yes

Reinhart has been family owned since 1910, is the country’s leading vinegar producer, and makes a very strange variety of products under the brands listed below:

  • Reinhart’s Light Cider
  • Allen’s Vinegar
  • Reinhart’s Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Allen’s Cleaning Vinegars
  • Daltons Coconut
  • Daltons Maraschino Cherries
  • Daltons Glace Fruit
  • Pie fillings (not sure on the brand)
  • Jaffa Raisins
  • Jaffa Dates
  • Daltons Mincemeat