Food: Yoso 🍁

Name: Yoso

Products: Dairy-free yogurt, dips, spreads

Manufactured In: Cambridge, Ontario

Where to buy: Online store and various retailers


Canadian Owned: Yes

YOSO is a Canadian company founded by two brothers, Erik and Francis Lo. Eric and Francis arrived in Canada from Hong Kong as teenagers in the 1980s to receive their secondary and college education.

YOSO has been in the business of manufacturing plant-based foods for over 20 years and the brothers have built the company as a dependable and unique brand of dairy-free products in Canada. The company is always researching new ingredients and recipes to continue improving their plant-based food selection that helps their customers to improve and maintain their gut health and wellness.

All YOSO’s products are available to order online from the company’s store or you can find a retailer that stocks YOSO products if you prefer to shop in person.