Frozen Treats: Righteous Gelato 🍁

Name: Righteous Gelato

Products: Gelato, sorbetto

Manufactured In: Calgary, Alberta

Where to Buy: Retailers across Canada


Canadian Owned: Yes

Righteous Gelato is a Canadian-born ice cream company. It was previously called Fiasco Gelato but changed its name as it was ready to take on the US market, but there was an issue with an existing trademark.

The founder of Righteous Gelato, James, started the company in 2009 in the middle of a recession. He acquired a single-scoop ice cream shop with just $1,800 to his name. But days before James was set to open, the store burnt down. James did not give up and found a garage to make his gelato in.

The business was slow to take off, but James persevered. It was worth it as today, Righteous Gelato is available at over 3,000 stores across Canada and selected stores in the US.