Google is the most widely used search engine in the world, and Canada is no exception. With nearly 37 million internet users in Canada, and Google dominating the search engine market, it is used by most Canadians. As a result, understanding Google’s impact in Canada can provide valuable insights into the digital world in Canada.

In this article, we will explore key statistics and trends related to Google usage in Canada, including Google’s impact on businesses. Whether you’re a marketer, business owner, or just curious about Google statistics, this article will cover key aspects of Google in Canada together with an overview of global statistics for a wider, more comprehensive picture.

Google Statistics for Canadians

  • Google is the most popular website in Canada.
  • Google’s search engine market share in Canada is over 90%.
  • Google’s products and services in Canada contribute approximately 1.1% of the country’s GDP.
  • ¾ of Canadian businesses say Google plays an important role in new clients finding their products or services.
  • Using various products from Google saves Canadian workers around 300 million hours per year.
  • Google and related services and products have created around 240,000 jobs in Canada.
  • Globally, people conduct over 8.5 billion searches per day.

Background on Google

Google was founded in September 1998 by two Stanford University students, Larry Page, and Sergey Brin. The search engine quickly became popular thanks to its simplicity, speed, and accuracy, and within a year, it had become the world’s largest search engine.

In 2000, Google launched its advertising platform, AdWords, which allowed businesses to place ads on the search results page. This platform later evolved into Google Ads, which is now one of the largest advertising platforms in the world.

In addition to search and advertising, Google has expanded into other areas such as email, web browsing, mobile operating systems, and cloud services. Google has also acquired numerous companies throughout its history, including YouTube, DoubleClick, Waze, and Nest. Today, Google’s parent company is Alphabet Inc., which also includes other subsidiaries such as Waymo, Verily, and Calico.

Google in Canada

Google’s history in Canada dates back to the late 1990s when the search engine first launched. Only a year after Google was launched, the company opened its first Canadian office in Toronto to provide customer service and technical support to its Canadian users.

Since then, Google’s presence in Canada has grown significantly. In 2001, Google established its first Canadian data centre in Toronto to improve the speed and reliability of its services for Canadian users. In 2005, Google opened its second Canadian office in Montreal, which focuses on research and development for products like Google Translate.

In 2013, Google expanded its Canadian operations further by opening a new headquarters in downtown Toronto known as Google Canada’s “Engineering Hub.” It houses more than 400 engineers working on various Google products, including Gmail, Google Maps, and Android.

In recent years, Google has also invested in initiatives to support the Canadian tech industry, including partnerships with Canadian universities and government-funded research projects.

Google is the Most Visited Website in Canada

According to various sources, including Statista, SimilarWeb, and Semrush, Google is the most popular website in Canada. Though the sources may quote different visitor numbers or differ in the order of websites after Google, due to different ways of recording visits, they all agree that Google is the number one website and dominantly so.

For example, based on Statista’s findings from November 2021, Google had 955 million monthly visits in Canada, while Facebook, which they list as the second most popular website had 282 million monthly visits.

Semrush, which lists the websites based on the amount of traffic they receive recorded over 2.348 billion visits to Google in Canada in February 2023. The second most popular website, YouTubem received 2.300 billion visits, and Reddit, the third most popular, had 310 million visits.

Google is the Most Popular Search Engine in Canada

Since Google is the most visited website, it is hardly surprising that it is also the most popular search engine. As much as it dominates the website traffic counts, it also has a dominating market share of the search engine market in Canada. In February 2022, Google’s share of the market was 90.92%. The search engine ranked second, Bing, only received a 4.98% share of the market, and DuckDuckGo, which was third 1.33%.

How does Google’s market share compare with other countries? The website is even more dominant in India, where its market share is 95.45%. In Brazil, it has a market share of 92.58%, and in Spain and Italy 91.97% and 91.34% respectively.

Google Demographics

Because Google is so widely used in Canada, it is used across all age groups, genders, income brackets, and educational backgrounds. However, it is used slightly more by younger people. Below is a breakdown of Google usage in Canada by age group.

  • 18-24: 96%
  • 25-34: 94%
  • 35-44: 89%
  • 45-54: 84%
  • 55-64: 78%
  • 65+: 71%

There are also some slight differences in Google use across different educational levels. A survey from 2020 found that Bing was slightly more popular among users with lower levels of education, while Google was more popular among those with higher levels of education. However, these differences were marginal.

Most Popular Google Searches in Canada

For people who are interested in finding out about the trending searches on Google, the platform provides a handy tool where you can explore popular search terms in different countries and globally. In the past twelve months, the five most popular search queries in Canada have been “You”, “weather”, “Google”, “news”, and “YouTube”.

Globally, the most popular search query is “Google”. This is followed by “YouTube”, “Video”, “Facebook”, and “weather”.

Google’s Impact on the Canadian Economy

Since Google has been operating in Canada, its economic impact in the country has grown and it is estimated that the products and services offered by Google are equivalent to 1.1% of Canada’s GDP and support 240,000 jobs.

Some jobs, are with Google, while others are related to Google’s services and products. Google-owned YouTube supports an additional 28,000 jobs and businesses related to Android apps another 199,000 jobs across the country.

In 2019, over half a million Canadian businesses benefited from Google’s search and advertising tools, which provided the business with $16 to $23 billion in economic activity. In addition, the ad and search tools support $1.7 billion in exports in Canada.

Canadian Businesses and Consumers Have a Positive View of Google

Most Canadian businesses agree that Google plays an important role in customers finding their products or services. 75% of Canadian companies say that Google has helped customers or clients find them. Consumers, too feel Google is helpful when looking for products and services. 64% of Canadians say using Google’s search engine is important when they are looking for a business and 72% say they conduct research on Google before buying.

Using Google is Saving Canadian Businesses Money and Time

Using Google’s services has helped Canadian companies to improve their efficiency and reduce their IT costs. According to the Google Impact Report, businesses in Canada that use Google Cloud services, have benefited from approximately $860 million per year in productivity gains.

Being able to find information faster, automate underlying infrastructure, and collaborate more effectively using products such as G Suite, is saving Canadian workers an estimated 300 million working hours per year. 58% of Canadians say Google Search is an important tool for them at work and 29% say G Suite is important to them.

Google for Content Creators and Developers

Google has been one of the important platforms in creating new ways for content creators to share their work with wider audiences and earn money from their work. For example, blog writers can add Google’s display advertising to their sites to monetize their work. in 2019, Canadian content creators made an estimated $340 million using Google’s AdSense.

In addition, YouTube, which has been owned by Google since 2006, hosts over 160,000 Canadian content creators. Around 40,000 of these creators monetize their channels and almost 28,000 Canadians make a full-time living from creating content on the platform. Approximately, 15% of YouTube channels by Canadian creators generate over $50,000 in gross revenue per year.

Google is also a useful platform for app developers who have access to over two billion active users worldwide across 190 countries. On estimate, Canadian developers generate $650 million in revenue per year through the Android App economy and it creates work for about 199,000 people.

Global Google Statistics

Google is not only the most visited website in Canada, but it is also the most visited website in the world. In an average month, Google is visited 89.3 billion times. It also dominates the global search engine market with a 91.9% market share in January 2022. In comparison, Bing’s market share was 2.88% and Yahoo! had a 1.51% share.

Globally, Google’s search engine handles over 8.5 billion searches per day. This means every second it processes more than 99,000 searches. This is a huge number compared to the 10,000 searches per day in the early days of Google.

Google’s Revenue

Google is one of the most profitable global companies in the world. The parent company of Google, Alphabet, is the fifth most valuable business in the world and comprises two hundred companies. Its market cap is $1.75 trillion. Google’s revenue was $256.74 billion in 2021.

Google’s revenue comes from several sources, which include advertising, YouTube, and web-based products. However, the primary revenue source is advertising, which generates more than $200 billion in revenue every year.

Google Search Statistics

Most Google users conduct at least one search per day and 84% use Google three or more times per day. On average, people spend sixteen minutes a day using Google, which has indexed more than 5.18 billion web pages. 27.7% of searches on Google are conducted using a single word, while 23.98% use two words. Searches that contain six or more words make up 12.12% of searches on Google.

Google makes it easy for its users to conduct searches. One of the ways it is helping its users is through Google Lens, which was launched in 2017. Powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence, Google Lens allows users to identify things with the cameras on their smartphones. Google Lens is used for around 8 billion searches per month and supports over one hundred languages.

More and more people are using their mobiles to run searches on Google. Data from 2021 shows that over 60% of global searches are done using mobile devices. Mobile searches are often simpler and include fast facts rather than information on complex subjects.


Google is the most visited website both in Canada and across the world. It also has over 90% of the market share in Canada and also globally. Because of its high user numbers, Google is used across all the demographics in Canada. However, older people use it slightly less than younger age groups.

Since its launch in 1998, Google has become important for the global and Canadian economy. It has also proved to be a useful tool for both businesses and individuals. With Google constantly evolving and providing new products and services, it may be a while before anyone can challenge its dominant position.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no exact number, but Google is the most popular search engine in Canada. Therefore, it is safe to say it is used by millions of people in Canada.

In February 2022, Google’s market share was 90.92%.

There is no exact percentage available on how many Google searches in Canada are carried out using mobile devices. However, the global figure is 60% so the Canadian percentage is likely to be somewhere near it.